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Aura of Light

Lyre knows she's not normal. Not everyone comes into a completely new world by nearly dying in a river. And, as far as she can tell, no one else has her powers, her face marking, and her eyes. Not to mention the strange dreams she's been having. And so, she sets out to adapt to this new world and to learn why she was sent here. Then, she stumbles upon an ancient secret kept by the legends themselves, concerning her, her family, and her two closest friends. Which threatens to destroy their world and beyond. What will happen when Lyre finds out the one obstacle that prevents the total eradication of the universe from this war? What will happen when Lyre finds out it's herself? Definitely no pressure. --- (Rated PG-13 for blood, possible language, and darker themes, as well as LGBTQ+ characters.)



I'm sorry it's so sudden. Erm, I sort of called this on hiatus because

A) I was starting to lose interest/motivation for this and usually it just grows back but right now it's just draining. I'm waiting until it starts to fill back up again. Cause, first, I know I should take my time and stuff, and I do 't want to rush myself into making things. I'm also starting to get bored with drawing Pokemon so much (gasp such high offensive) but it's true.

B) I sorta see a lot of um... similarities to other comics? On purpose or not, I dunno. I'm gonna try to make the plot more orginal, got a few plans/ideas in mind.

C) I'm honestly not satisfied and am not confident with my art style. I'll probably practice a bunch and stuff before I go and continue this comic again.

So, yeah... really sorry. Please don't yell at me.
If I draw other stuff, I guess it's for practice and improvement.
If a start more comics, they will definitely be short story kind of comics that will 90% be most likely not be Pokemon.
So yeah, sorry. Like, I'm sincerely sorry. plsdonthateeeeeee

posted by LightEclipse @ December 26th, 2017, 5:54 pm  -  3 comments


So, I have new and revised rules for CAMEOS!!! (Characters you submit who can be in the story)
Here they are:

What You Can Submit:

1. Legendaries and Mythicals. I do not think I need any more Legends and Mythics in my story, so NO.

2. Shinies. I do accept shinies, but not very much, as they are rare, obviously.

3. Other pokemon. So, I honestly don’t really care if your pokemon is like, a different color, or a variation or something. Just make it realistic, and not WAY too variated. Like, I wouldn’t accept a rainbow colored Eevee, for obvious reasons. But like, an Eevee with pink ears and tail tip and paws I would take.

4. Fakemon. You can submit Fakemon! I have a couple of my own Fakemon in here, so that’s why.

If You Do Submit:
If you do submit, please be okay if:

1. I don’t put them in as much.

2. I kill them off.

3. If they only appear like once in the story or more than another cameo.
This isn’t because of bias, it’s just because some situations may need a certain pokemon more than another pokemon in that case. Like, you wouldn’t want to put a Fire Type in the ocean, would you?

4. If they look somewhat different. I have my own style, a certain change in your character may work better for me and my comic.

If you skipped all of that and just wanted to submit,
This is important, and I don’t want someone coming up to me and yelling at me because I did something they didn’t like to their cameo that was in the rules.

Now! If you’re okay with that, here’s what you need to submit a cameo:

Personality/Nature: (A general persona of your character, not too detailed please. If possible, just submit a Nature, you can find the list here:
Ref/Description: (If you can’t draw, just give me and extremely detailed description)

Thank you for reading, and if you did, submitting! -o3o-

posted by LightEclipse @ October 23rd, 2017, 12:37 pm  -  9 comments

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I have an art dump storage, and a PMD collab with the amazing ShadowStalker1128. I will post the links below:


Mai Art Storage!
PMD: Souls Intertwined


Pokémon: Legends of Shadows
Mirrored Image


Pokemon belongs to Nintendo. Characters and story and drawings not in the Fanart section all belong to meh. Do not repost without permission.