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Aura of Light

Lyre knows she's not normal. Not everyone comes into a completely new world by nearly dying in a river. And, as far as she can tell, no one else has her powers, her face marking, and her eyes. Not to mention the strange dreams she's been having. And so, she sets out to adapt to this new world and to learn why she was sent here. Then, she stumbles upon an ancient secret kept by the legends themselves, concerning her, her family, and her two closest friends. Which threatens to destroy their world and beyond. What will happen when Lyre finds out the one obstacle that prevents the total eradication of the universe from this war? What will happen when Lyre finds out it's herself? Definitely no pressure. --- (Rated PG-13 for blood, possible language, and darker themes.)



Erm uh
Sorry about this
But I have to hiatus.
First of all
I hate the Prologue already uhhhhhhhhhh
I have another one in mind but also
The plot is sorta jumbled and I need some time...
So yeah srry

posted by LightEclipse @ October 5th, 2017, 7:15 pm  -  4 comments


ELLO MAI FAN BEANIES. If you are here, you probably want to submit a cameo. I think it will be easier to store them all here.

I got some rules:

1. No mythical species or legendaries. All of them are supposed to be dead, so...

2. You can ONLY SUBMIT POKEMON. (durr)

3. Only one shiny Pokemon per person. I don't want to have a load of shines, cuz they're rare.

4. You have a limit of five cameos. No flooding of characters, please! XD

5. First come, first serve. If you are one of the first ones on the list, your cameo will be one of the first ones to appear.

6. I highly encourage you to submit not just your pokesona, but some characters. (Idk why, just do it pls XP)

... And I can't come up with anymore rules. So here are the guidelines to submit a cameo:

Age: (in human years)
A Ref (picture URL):

Yeah. So pls submit! I would be happy for you to do so. Just follow the rules, and your cameo will appear!

posted by LightEclipse @ July 23rd, 2017, 7:48 pm  -  16 comments

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None yet, heh. If ya want to, please PM me or something.


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